Tuesday, 23 November 2010

The Gallery Black and White

I haven't been able to post everyday as I'm really busy with rehearsals for the King & I. It's going really well and we have our first show in just over a week. Tonight we had a full run through and the actress who plays Anna bought us all scrummy donuts from Dunkin Donuts! Yum, yum!

My mum's been being a bit slack too - I had to tell her what the theme was for this weeks Gallery! I checked it out over the weekend and before she had! So it's black and white. Perfect for me as I've been doing a photography project for school. Our theme is light and I have the perfect picture.
But do can you tell what it is? Think light.....
Thank you for your kind comments xx biba.


  1. That's a great image you have captured there Biba.I can only assume it is a light of some description eg. A lamp or a light on a stage??

  2. Hello Lovely Biba!

    What a cool picture! I see you've inherited the family talent for photography.

    My guess is: A Torch!

    Little Miss says hello as well!

    xx Karin

  3. That's FABULOUS! A close up of a bed-side light? I love it! Good luck with the King and I (those donuts sound scrumptious!).

  4. I was going to go with spotlight.....great picture!

  5. Fabulous photo and my guess is a torch!

  6. Great photo - I think it's a torch. Good luck with the play.

  7. Great picture!


  8. Fabulous...I think it's a lamp of some kind.

  9. it is not a torch.

    thanks Karin big kiss to Ella.xx

  10. At first I thought: looking up at a ceiling light. But 'torch' seems right. Great photo! And you're 8? Wow :)

  11. Is it the headlight on a car?

    I'm SUPER jealous you got Dunkin Donuts! I grew up with them but we don't have them here in Scotland :(


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