Thursday, 16 December 2010

The King & I and Me (and Betty)!

I'm sorry that I'm not posting very often but as I am sure you all know I am busy being a Princess of Siam! Yes I am in a really brilliant production of The King & I at the Curve Theatre in Leicester. 
Over 600 children auditioned for parts so I was really lucky to get chosen. We have been working really hard in rehearsals and had our first proper performance just over a week ago.
Urghhh for me that I was chosen to play one of the King's twins... guess who is my sister? Yes my own little sister Betty!
There are three teams of children in the show and we are in the Blue team. Our team is the best, everyone says so! We all get along really well - not like real brothers and sisters at all!
Tomorrow morning  me and Betty are doing a live radio interview on BBC Radio Leicester, which is a bit scary but we have been with mum loads of times when she's done it - so I am sure we will be fine. I am going to take my camera - so hopefully I will have some new pictures to share really soon. Until then here are a few shots from rehearsals and some of the actual show - which i obviously didn't take because I am in them! LOL...

This is Betty with her Princess top knot - mum has been using a whole tube of hair gel every week!

Me in between shows in the theatre cafe, still in costume but with my dressing gown on so that I don't get dirty!

Our daddy The King of Siam, a quick pic before anyone noticed! He is cool and he has been in Dr Who and Sarah Jane Adventures - two of my favourite TV shows.

And this is us - the blue team in action. Betty is fourth from the left and I am 6th from the left on the front row!

Our awesome production of The King & I is on until January 15th 2011. You can try to book tickets here... but good luck because they are really hard to get hold of.

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