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33/365 The Gallery for Blogladesh

My mum's gone to Bangladesh with Save the Children. For this weeks Gallery everyone had to take a picture on Sunday. Here is mine. The paddling pool sat on the grass for a week. It left a funny spot like a space ship had landed. It makes me smile and it makes me sad.

32/365 Can you spot the conker?

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30/365 Me

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26/365 A photo I'm proud of

Today's photographs are for my entry into The Gallery. I love The Gallery, especially because I got 14 comments last week. My big brothers have never had 14 comments before so I am really proud.
These are quite old pictures. I took them over a year ago for our end of year art competition at school. The theme was something you love and I chose to take some pictures of my little sister Betty - or FunnyGirl to you all.
She has a really funny face, we call her the crazy eyed bulldog.
I didn't win the competition but I still love these pictures of her, she looks really silly and she is.

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20/365 Memory, The Gallery

I really loved my cat Jimmy. He died at Easter this year from a horrible thing called FIP. Mummy had him cremated for me and his ashes are now in a beautiful box next to my bed. I really miss him.
This is for The Gallery.

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13/365 Me

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12/365 Horsey

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6/365 My roses

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4/365 Yum Yum

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