Wednesday, 19 January 2011

The Gallery.... Mother Nature

I have so many nature pictures that I found it really difficult to pick one for this weeks Gallery - and I know that you are all expecting an amazing image from my new Cannon 1000D but as we drove to tap last night we saw the most amazing sunset and I only had my iPod Touch with me. I know big fat photographer fail - but it did make me realise that I need to have my camera with me wherever I go.
So sorry...
Next weeks shot will be better....

Did I mention that it's my birthday on Friday? Mummy has been driving me crazy saying she has a surprise for me - so if you know, please shout now!


  1. Biba...what a fabulous most definitely did not fail! Some of the best photos are taken at the spur of the moment with the least technical camera! Well done you...

    I don't know what your birthday surprise is BUT let us all know when you get it! ;)

    Karin and Little Miss

  2. Blimey Biba, if that's what you take when you fail . . .
    I also don't know what your birthday surprise is but birthday surprises are the BEST so enjoy!

  3. I actually quite like the way the interior of the car blends with Mother Nature outside! And happy birthday for Friday!

  4. Oooh I love this pic - big well done to you!!

  5. That's no fail, that's a great shot. My Nikon is buried somewhere at the mo so I know how you feel though.

  6. That is an amazing picture. I fail to see the fail!

    Herding Cats

  7. Oh I love this picture! It looks like something out of a Star Wars movie, can almost picture some little creatures peeping over the horizon.

    Really lovely.

  8. Great picture! Love the colour.

    And I never go anywhere without a camera in my bag. You just never know when that perfect photo opportunity will arise!

  9. Hope you had a fab birthday Bi, loving the photos... just playing catch up now xx

  10. Stunning picture and happy birthday ;) @Kahanka

  11. That's actually a really beautiful photo! I didn't know iPod Touchs came with a camera now; but that's hwy I always carry my digital compacrt with me as well :)

    Hope you had a great birthday


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