Sunday, 22 May 2011

I Love Happy Hopperz!

I've been at the Baby Show in Birmingham today with mum, Betty, Annabel Karmel and her mum (granny). We had lots of fun on the giant Tripp Trapp on the Stokke stand and me and Betty were interviewed for Baby Show TV!
Mum thought that she might get away without us buying anything today - but she was wrong because just as we were about to leave I spotted the Happy Hopperz stand!
Everyone knows that I love bunny rabbits, how could I not love the Happy Hopperz bunny he is amazing. So off home I went bunny in hand.
You might think I'd be a bit big too enjoy bouncing around the house on him - but you'd be wrong. It's hard work and good exercise for your legs and so much fun.

He looks a bit crazy in this picture, but that's because I just made him bounce right around the house and he was worn out!
I've named him Bouncy Bunny!

Happy Hopperz are £21.99 from
There are lots of different animals to choose from, including a panda (that Betty ordered). Stay tuned for some bunny verses panda races very soon!

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