Monday, 22 August 2011

More of the SNAKE!

I've been bursting to tell you about the snake but as yesterday's post was for Silent Sunday I couldn't say anything at all!
We've been dying to find a snake since Sonny found one dead on the road just after we moved to this house. We know that there must be loads of them around, because this is the countryside and there are fields everywhere.
On Saturday morning I spotted naughty Rex with something in his mouth. It's usually a poor shrew but I could see that this wasn't a shrew but I couldn't tell what it was. I crept up on him and as I realised what it was I screamed S N A K E! which made Rex drop it and I whipped in as fast as I could before he gobbled it up!
I could tell that it was already dead but wow, how impressed was I?!

Sonny is gutted that I found it - so much for him being the next Bear Grills!

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