Monday, 19 September 2011

London Fashion Week & Me

I had a pretty exciting day on Saturday. We dropped Sonny off at his friend Jude's and the rest of us went off to London on the train to see two of daddy's friends catwalk shows at london Fashion Week.
I'm pretty lucky because this isn't the first time that i've been to London Fashion Week but it is the first time that I've been photographed and made it onto someone else's blog! Not just any old blog either but one of the best known fashion blogs in the UK. And the lady who writes it is Chinese (so I like it even more). Here's how it happened.

We arrived at Vauxhall Fashion Scout about half an hour early for dad's friends show, so we went upstairs to look at the exhibition. We were looking around and I took this sneaky pic of a lady on the other side of the room because I really liked her bright outfit and big fringe. I thought she looked cool. Mummy has a skirt the same colour as her trousers that I love.

Mummy said, that's Susie Bubble, she has a really fab fashion blog and then all in a matter of minutes she was taking my picture (I was wearing my bright green DM's, my Agyness Deyn T shirt and had stolen borrowed mums bright green Cambridge Satchel) cause she said I looked cool!
I went a bit shy... not a top model moment really, and then one of the PR ladies (me and mum had been playing spot  the PR / Model / Designer / Intern / Blogger since we arrived) appeared to say the show was starting so off we went.
I'm gutted that I was all shy and didn't ask Susie if i could take her pic for my blog - but at least I have this one.
Thank you for featuring me on your blog Susie, I loved your outfit.
My DM's were £14, I spotted them in TK Maxx ages ago and I've been willing my feet to grow into them!
Betty had mums custom made pink fluro satchel from The Leather Satchel Co.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

I'm walking for Water Aid

Tomorrow after school we are going nearly 200 miles to the seaside so that we can take part in a walk called #CoastAlong for the charity Water Aid.
Water Aid is a really good charity that helps people in third world countries like Bangladesh (where my mum went) get safe water to drink.
We don't even think about not having clean water and I can't imagine what it would be like to have to walk miles every day just to get a drink.
But on Saturday I will be walking with mummy, Sonny, Betty, the people from Rabbit (have I told you how much I love rabbits?) and lots of other bloggers and their children to raise money for Water Aid.

I would love it if you could spare a couple of pounds to sponsor our team. We are 'Team Bunny' and my Manky Bunny is our team leader!
You can sponsor us through our Just Giving page and you can follow how we are getting on by following the #coastalong hashtag on Twitter and by coming back to see my photos when we get back to our hotel.

It looks like rain.... so i hope that mummy remembers to pack our raincoats (and one for Manky Bunny too!).

Monday, 5 September 2011

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