Friday, 13 April 2012

Cybher Meet & Greet : I'm Biba

Name: Biba aka ModelGirl
Twitter ID: @bibasphotos
Height: 144cm
Hair: Very long brown

Five things you should know about me...

1. I love taking photos.
2. I am a model, I have been modelling since I was 2 weeks old.
3. I love rabbits. Mine is an angora lion lop called Sunday Steve.
4. When I grow up I want to work at  The Rabbit Agency.
5. I love Bugsy Malone.

I'm speaking at Cybher, which I'm really excited about. I will be running a session about apps.


  1. You are amazing. You have great confidence and can't wait to listen to you speak.

  2. Wow hello- good for you! Good luck :)

  3. Looking forward to seeing you live and in person :)

  4. I will seek you out for a chat if I may - I'm writing a post about blogging tips for the younger blogger, and I'd love to know your thoughts. Good luck on Saturday :)

  5. Just done it and love love love it. Such fantastic steps to follow. Thank you!


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