Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Cybher and Me

Cybher is only 2 days away and I'm soooooo excited. My headmaster has given me the day off school on Friday and I'll be London bound with mummy as zoo as I get up.

I've been planning my outfit for months and I now have three to choose from. I might have to get changed at lunch time!

So, this will be me...
Topped off with this....

See you at Cybher!


  1. I love that playsuit, very very cool. The pink docs are awesome too.
    Hope to meet you at Cybher, I'll be the one with the pretty brightly coloured blazer!

  2. Looking good. Looking forward to seeing you at Cybher. x

  3. You are one funky little lady. I say little- you're probably already taller than me despite not yet bring fully grown!

    I'm your mums hair twin. I'll be in the pink converse.

    See you there!

  4. Hi Biba - loving your styling choices for our playsuit. Do try and get some pictures so I can see the finished outfit. Have fun! Ali (Original Sister lady!)

  5. I think I can say, without exception, you're going to be the most stylish lady there. I can't guarantee that I won't drool over your boots or want to pet your headwear! See you there! x

  6. ! :D lovley !! woopwoop !! :D x


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