Monday, 2 July 2012

#HarbTorch : The Olympic Torch visits

Today we got to leave school early because today was the day that the Olympic torch passed through Market Harborough!

We decided to skip the procession through the town centre and instead opted for one of the smaller village locations. We had the right idea because there were no crowds and we got to see the torch pass right in front of us. 

Pretty awesome really when you think that this is a once in a life time event. 
Yes it was raining but I was there with my family and it was pretty cool.

Have you seen the torch?


  1. Hi Biba - Yeah very cool nice photo too :-) - The torch is coming our way next Tuesday i think! We'll be there!

  2. it is so good and if you do go you will love it xx

  3. Hi Biba, what a great photo you got of the torch! Did you enjoy seeing the torch? I saw the torch too in the rain. It didn't have much flame on the too of it because of the rain! You can see my photos on my blog if you like. Best wishes from Tom


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