Friday, 20 July 2012

Summer Holidays Week 1

It's Friday evening and we have already been off school for a week. It has rained, rained, rained and rained and we are going a bit stir crazy.
We wanted to go to Alton Towers.... but it was raining. We thought about a day at the seaside... but it was raining. 
So this week, I've mostly been fighting with my sister, playing with Sunday and working my way through my new Top Model book.

Mum bought me a set of skin coloured pencils, they are fab.

Crimped twins!

Sunday Rabbit

Apart from ALL THE RAIN, one great thing happened this week and that was that I was included in a list of Cool Kid Bloggers, so thank you to El and her mum Joanne from for thinking of me. I hope to see you both again at Cybher next year. I'm working on mum creating a session just for us cool girls!
Right, I'm off to swimming club. Catch you all later.

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