Monday, 15 October 2012

Dr Martens All Saints and TK Maxx Loving

TK Maxx is my favourite store (along with the Dr Martens factory shop). Most Sunday's we go for a look. Yesterday I got this amazing new winter coat and an absolute bargain at £34 reduced from over £200. I love it that I can fit into small adult clothes as they are so much nicer than most of the stuff designed for girls of my age. Thanks for buying it for me Mummy. x

Biba Dr Martens All Saints TK Maxx

Dr Martens Boots : TK Maxx
Blythe Bag : Awesome Car Boot find
All Saints Coat : £34 from TK Maxx yesterday. BARGAIN!
Tights : NEXT
Photography : @Geekisnewchic

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