Tuesday, 16 July 2013

How to add Free Facebook Sticker Designs

If you have updated your Facebook apps recently, you will have seen the new Facebook Stickers that can be added to chat and private messages.

Facebook Stickers Meep

The MEEP set above come as standard, but did you realise that there's a whole store full of even more free Facebook Sticker designs? They are really easy to add, here's how.

Log into your Facebook account.

Go to messages > New message.

Get more Facebook Stickers_1
Click on the smiley face icon (as above).

Click on the Sticker Store shopping basket icon (as below).

How to get new Facebook Stickers

Which takes you to the Sticker Store.

Click FREE to add the ones you want, I've added them all!

And away you go!
Facebook Sticker Store

I hope you liked my tutorial?

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Too Many Dr Martens?

I don't really think that I could ever have too many pairs of Dr Martens and this photo from the Dr Martens Facebook page proves it I think.

Too many Dr Martens

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