Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Camp Bestival Review In Photos

As we had our family holiday earlier in the year, Camp Bestival is the highlight of the summer for me. This year I was especially excited because I was an official teen blogger.

My Camp Bestival Review In Photos

Bubble inc Camp bestival

Helter Skelter Camp Bestival

Mum wearing The Smiths

Fun at Camp bestival

Camp Bestival Kids

Mr Tumble at Camp Bestival

Camp Bestival Lion

Free hugs at Camp Bestival

Lemonade Stand

Camp Bestival Crowd

Johnny Marr at Camp bestival

Camp Bestival Johnny Marr

The Den Camp Bestival

See you there next year!


  1. AWESOME photos Biba. AWESOME.

  2. Brilliant pics, Biba - you're a fab photographer :)

  3. Love these pics, really want to take my girls next year :)

  4. Dazzling pics fab snapper keep going

  5. I like this post

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  7. Nice photography Biba. You are a fab photographer. I am sharing a link for those kids who want to be a photographer like you.

  8. That is gorgeous!!!! It looks so natural!I was reading about this awhile ago. It is extremely interesting & seems very promising.

  9. Your photos really are great did you use film in the first few, anyway great photos

  10. Awesome photography Biba! I think you will be a fab photographere in future.I would like to share a link which may help you : https://www.iquriouskids.com/kids-activities/all-locations/all-categories


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